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Terms & conditions

These terms and conditions apply to the online store of Aminoversum Oy (3202059-1) and its subsidiary Planet Amino (hereinafter “online store”). It is your responsibility (hereinafter referred to as the “Customer”) to read these General Terms and Conditions before ordering.


The precondition for ordering from the online store is the acceptance of these conditions and the truthful provision of the information necessary for the order. In addition to these terms, the customer must accept the terms of the privacy policy when ordering products from the online store. These terms and conditions constitute the agreement between the customer and the online store. It is not possible to order products from our online store without accepting these terms.


The order confirmation for orders placed by the customer will be sent to the e-mail address provided during the order. The purchase agreement is created with the delivery of the order confirmation. The order confirmation shows the information provided by the customer, the order number, the order date, the ordered products and the value of the order.


The customer is responsible for the accuracy of the information provided for the order. If the customer has provided incorrect personal information to the online store or has an insufficient credit rating, the online store reserves the right to reject the customer’s order.


You can find Aminoversum Oy’s detailed contact information and valid terms and conditions on the online store’s website. Aminoversum Oy and the online store have the right to make changes to these terms and conditions and to the content of the online store. When the customer buying from the online store is a consumer, in addition to these terms and conditions, the Consumer Protection Act also applies to the transaction.


The prices mentioned in these terms and conditions include VAT.

These terms and conditions have been drawn up on 16.05.2022


Prices and payments

The online store has the right to make changes to product prices and delivery charges. The prices quoted to the customer in the online store include VAT.


When ordering from the online store, the customer chooses a suitable payment method. The company’s payment methods are provided by Klarna Bank AB. Payment methods may incur additional charges or special conditions. These will be notified to the customer when choosing the payment method.

Order delivery

When a customer orders from the online store, delivery fees are determined based on the size of the order and the country of delivery. The online store delivers customer orders to Finland and the rest of the EU.


The online store offers the customer free delivery when delivered to Finland and the rest of the EU when the customer’s order from the online store is over €50. If the total amount of the order is less than €50, the delivery fee is €5 to Finland and €7.50 when delivered to the rest of the EU.


The delivery time for the order to Finland is approximately 5-7 working days from the receipt of the order confirmation. To the rest of the EU approximately 7-14 working days from the receipt of the order confirmation. In connection with his order, the customer will receive a shipment confirmation when the order has been shipped, as well as a message stating when and where the customer’s order can be picked up or received. This message also indicates if the customer’s order must be picked up within a certain time from a specific location.


Delivery takes place at DB SCHENKER pick-up points in Finland; if delivered elsewhere in the EU, the order will be delivered either to your door or to a pick-up point, depending on the country-specific practices of our delivery partner.


If the delivery of the product is not successful due to customer reasons and the order has to be delivered again, we will charge an additional fee of €10 for orders delivered to Finland and an additional fee of €15 for orders delivered to other parts of the EU. If our customer service can not reach the customer regarding the re-delivery from the e-mail address stated in the order, we will close the matter within two weeks of the order being returned to us. If the order is delayed for more than 30 working days for reasons beyond the customer’s control, he has the right to cancel his order.


If the customer wants to use the online store discount code, this must be used at the time of ordering. When ordering from the online store, the customer can only use one code at a time.


If the customer orders large quantities of an individual product from our online store, we recommend that you check the availability of the product from our customer service by e-mail ( before placing the order. If the delivery is delayed due to, for example, the products run out, our customer service will contact the customer by e-mail.


When retrieving an order, the customer must always check that the retrieved order corresponds to the order confirmation. If the delivered order does not correspond to the one on the order confirmation, the customer must contact our customer service by e-mail at as soon as possible.

Modifying or canceling orders

It is possible for the customer to modify (or cancel) his order free of charge if we have not yet started processing the order. If the customer wants to modify or cancel the order, the customer can contact our customer service We will charge the customer an additional fee of € 5 for editing or canceling an order that has already been processed. If the order is canceled after the delivery confirmation has been sent, we will charge the customer an additional fee of € 20. There is no right of return for food sold by the online store to the customer.


Business customers do not have the right to cancel an order.


The online store may change or cancel a customer’s order to correct an error if the wrong price has been stated for the product or the products have been sold out. The online store is not responsible for any information provided by third parties. If the order has to be canceled for reasons beyond the customer’s control, the refund process will be started as soon as possible after the cancellation of the order.


If there is an error in the order delivered to the customer by the online store, the customer should let us know about this as soon as possible. In such an event, we ask the customer to contact customer service by e-mail at You can attach the order confirmation to that message.

Force majeure

The online store is not liable for any damage caused to the customer due to independent, unforeseeable circumstances that prevent it from fulfilling its contractual obligations and which cannot be reasonably circumvented or compensated for. However, these obstacles do not release the customer from the obligation to pay the agreed price. The online store must notify the customer of force majeure without delay.

Action in the event of a dispute

Finnish law applies to disputes between the online store and the customer. If the customer is a consumer, he or she can contact consumer advisory services, in addition to which the customer can submit a complaint to the Consumer Disputes Board or bring an action in a district court determined by their place of residence in Finland. If the customer does not have a residence in Finland, disputes will be handled in the district court determined on the basis of Aminoversum Oy’s domicile.

Consumer Disputes Board
PL 306, 00531 Helsinki

You can also place a complaint or seek advice on the European Commission’s Dispute Resolution website at:

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