Planet Amino

Simo(n) says

My name is Simo and I am co-founder of Planet Amino. But who am I?


I have always loved creative, simple ways to solve problems. New, and better innovations for old problems or out-dated solutions, excite me. I am not an engineer, but I still think that most issues are just simply ‘’engineering problems’’.


I’m also a ‘’gym guy’’. I have always done sports, but haven’t always loved it. When I was younger, there was some pressure to do sports, even though I didn’t want to. Therefore, I had a life period which wasn’t that active. But luckily I had friends that were willing to train with me. I gained motivation back, learned to love progress and routines that bring visible results and good spirit.


An active lifestyle requires lots of energy. If you train more than three times per week and e.g. use a bicycle instead of a car, you consume much more calories than someone who doesn’t follow the same routines. Depending on what kind of training you are doing and what diet your body is used to, you need varying quantities of protein, carbohydrates and fats. High intensity training generally needs more carbohydrates and protein. I don’t weigh my food anymore, but I try to optimize (e.g. because of recovery) macronutritional energy input by choosing food that fits my diet.


Since high school, I have tried to reduce the amount of animal based protein in my diet, mainly with legumes (different kinds of peas, beans and lentils). My motives are mainly related to environmental concerns.  Getting the macronutrients that I am looking for would require eating / cooking huge amounts of (plant-based) food. Since I don’t want to die in the kitchen, I have used different kinds of protein products. I searched for plant based protein products that would combine good taste, good price – quality ratio and good ingredients. I didn’t find a perfect match and I thought that existing solutions could be improved. Well, it can’t be that difficult to make these by yourself?


We partnered up with Henri, since both of us are willing to try new ideas, in order to get simple, creative and effective solutions. Also our personal traits and competences are reinforcing each other. Video above was shot, because we thought it would be funny to combine BJJ and advertising power cookies (well, the audience decides if it is funny). The idea might work or not, but at least we are trying it and the worst case scenario is that we learn a new lesson in video marketing.


A good team is more than the sum of its members. It is motivating to work towards goals that are aligned with your values. That is why I want to be part of Planet Amino.