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Hello from Henri

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” I’m the sales and marketing guy, and henri is the data guy” said Simo to a packed room


“So how did you know where to start and who does the baking?” asked a member of the audience


That would also be me. I have always loved cooking & baking. When Simo came up with the idea of starting with protein cookies, I googled a protein cookie recipe, went to the store to buy ingredients, baked a bunch of cookies the next day and we have iterated hundreds of times since.


We’ve also gotten help along the way to ensure our ingredients are of high quality, our baking processes meet international certification requirements and our products last a long time.


While iterating on the recipes, we researched and tried out a lot of ingredients. We realized that there is a lot happening in the plant based food industry. The future of this space is fascinating!


A lot of new ingredients will come out in future years. I look forward to testing new ingredients & to improving our (already great) products over time. It’s important to me that our products have good macros because I eat one or two cookies per day.



The plant based revolution is just in its infancy. The world needs more tasty, good quality & affordable products. We are working on it. If you want to follow us on this journey, follow us on instagram.