Power Cookies

now 20g protein

Power Cookies

now 20g protein

Finally a tasty and satiating plant based protein snack!

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Planet Amino Proteiinikeksi Voimakeksi kokonainen suklaa ei taustaa

€27.9 (10 cookies)

€27.9 (10 cookies)


€27.9 (10 cookies)

Cinnamon Protein Cookie Planet Amino Power Cookie

€27.9 (10 cookies)

Planet Amino Proteiinikeksi Voimakeksi Pakkaus


€27.9 (10 cookies)

€75 (30 cookies)

Easy snack before training

Planet Amino Power Cookie No Artificial Sweeteners

Who Stands

behind the cookies?

We are Simo and Henri – the bakers of the Power Cookie. Our mission is to make sustainable consumption choices easy. That is why we are here to spread the good word from Planet Amino:

In the future we should have cheaper, tastier and more enviromentally friendly plant-based products.

So our first products are awesome high-protein snacks, that will fuel our adventures during this journey.

Order your cookies and taste the future.

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